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Ex-mas - Kate Brian Check this review out at our blog!

All holiday/winter season books are so cute, especially the contemporary novels! Kate Brian is one of my favorite contemporary authors; I loved the Private series and the mini show series of that. :)

So Lila and Beau use to be best friends who did everything together and then started dating, but then they broke up and Lila became popular and never spoke to Beau again.

At first Lila was the typical mean girl, but the more you read the nicer/better her personality and attitude gets. I didn't hate Lila, but I didn't love her either, to me she was just another (forgettable) character. It might be because I've read so many contemporary novels that characters don't really stand out to me anymore. Note: It is realllly hard to bring something new to the contemporary table.

Lila told her seven year old brother that because of global warming the North Pole is melting, so her brother and her brother's friend ran away to try to warn Santa. (awww is that not the cutest thing?) Basically Lila messed up big time, BUT now Beau and her and go find their siblings!!! Oh I forgot to mention that Lila's brother's friend is Beau's little brother.

This is the cutest winter novel! I would highly recommend it, even though the plot sounds super cheesy. (Note: My friends laughed at me for reading this novel, (yeah I know, what mean, judgmental friends I have) but I don't care because I liked this novel!)

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