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Crimson Frost

Crimson Frost - Jennifer Estep Check this review out at our blog!

4.5 Stars!

Jennifer Estep has continuously impressed me with her break-out into the YA genre. Her Mythos Academy series is now one of my top YA paranormal series. What began first as a mediocre, clich├ęd Touch of Frost soon blossomed into this epic of massive proportions that cannot be contained. Time after time, I am repeatedly surprised by Jennifer's growth in writing for a YA audience. Before, I found Gwen a dull, stereotypical Bella kind of character. At this point, Gwen is one of the fiercest YA protagonists ever to exist.

Crimson Frost begins immediately after the horrifying events of Dark Frost. As with most books and movies, the worst news comes at the best time, as in Logan's daddy in charge of prosecuting poor Gwen for freeing Loki. Poor Gwen seems to be back at square -1000 with everyone at the Academy wanting to kill her, and her now incredibly awkward relationship with Logan. Sometimes, I just want to throw Jennifer Estep around to give Gwen her happy ending already. Throughout the entire series, Gwen has to face so many threats without thanks, and almost dies constantly. Enough, is enough! However, her pain is the reader's gain, so I can totally understand why Gwen should continue suffering.

What makes me really love the Mythos Academy series is the character growth that is constantly shown throughout the series. Characters that were first shown as shallow and dependent gradually mature into likable, strong supporting characters. Unlike many series that just focus mainly on the main protagonists, Mythos Academy always includes other characters in the main events, and they aren't just back-up singers, they're all part of the action as well. Although Crimson Frost didn't focus as much on the supporting characters as the previous books did because a majority of the focus was on Gwen's problems and turmoil, there was still some new revelations for some of the sideline characters that made the book all the more exciting to read.

After finishing Crimson Frost, I was at a sort of loss. The book was nearly perfect in my eyes. The characters were vivid and relatable, the plot was imaginative and innovative, everything seemed perfect. Then I realized my problem: I already figured out everything that was going on before it actually happened. This did not make my enjoyment of this book any less, but I feel like that if a book is predictable, it shouldn't receive a rating greater than the enjoyment rating. If I was grading this solely on my enjoyment, then it would've received a 5 star rating. Unfortunately, the predictability factor just lowers the rating by a mere half star.

Despite its predictability, Crimson Frost by no means is one of those over-the-top books. The fast-pace of the story keeps the reader from finding this a dull, tedious read. All of the characters have some spark in them that electrifies the pages with their dialogue and interactions alone. The pivotal relationship between Gwen and Logan is tested throughout this book especially, and it's so heartbreaking to see two people who belong with each other having to face such terrible trials. Jennifer Estep has penned the best book of the Mythos Academy series yet, and I can't wait to read the next book to defy my expectations.

E-ARC courtesy of Kensington via NetGalley. Thank you Kensington and NetGalley!

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