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So Over You

So Over You - Gwen Hayes Check this review out at our blog!

This book took me by surprise. It seems like a regular, cute contemporary read, but it dealt with some really serious issues and not just the problem of "my high school newspaper doesn't have funding."

Layney is a very likable, relatable protagonist. Many people, especially your typical high schoolers may find that she is bossy and uptight, but I still liked her. The lines with her and Foster were hilarious! Those two are meant to be! I thought the reason to why the two broke up in the first place was over something childish, but really they broke up over something much much more awful than the reason Foster thinks.

The secret Layney carries was so unexpected and terrible! When she finally talks about it was really heartbreaking and to tell you the truth; it was scary.

Ok, I realize I haven't even mentioned the main plot of the novel, so here goes. To getting funding for their school's newspaper, the characters are creating a calendar featuring a boy for each month and Layney has to go on a date with each of these boys to write about them at the very end of the calendar answering the question, What does a girl want in a guy? So you can see how I thought this novel was a cute and funny read, and it was, but it also talked about some serious topics.

The best part of the book was the ending! The ending was just perfect! :)

Jenny @ YA Novelties