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The Jumbee

The Jumbee - Pamela Keyes Please check this review out on our blog!

4.5 Stars


I absolutely loved this book. It is a mysterious and suspenseful book that will engross you. Also, you don't have to know the Phantom of the Opera story to read this book (although knowing the Phantom of the Opera would certainly increase your understanding and enjoyment). Also, if you are a Shakespearean fan then I would definitely give this book a try. With that said, you also don't have to know Shakespeare well to enjoy this book.

Esti was great. She had always grown up in the shadow of her famous father, an was always compared to him, which is frankly terrible and totally relate-able to. I pity her in that, but I love how she gains confidence in her acting ability (with Alan's help) and becomes an amazing Juliette. She really blossoms as an actress. Speaking of Alan, I found their relationship slightly annoying. She would forgive him for anything, and totally trusted him when the only time she talked to him was in the dark. I found that slightly creepy and not believable, I doubt that anyone would fall in love with a voice in the dark that only they hear.

In the end I quite pitied Alan. I understood why he would go to such means to conceal himself and try to win / keep Esti's love. He is such a lonely person who did't dare dream of love until Esti came along. At times he was scary, but I knew that underneath he was a good person who would never hurt Esti, and only tried to do the best by her.

Personally, Rafe was my favorite character. Although he was a total bad boy when Esti met him again after ten years, he's really a committed, loyal, and sweet guy that just needs to find the right girl to be with. He would defend Esti against anyone, and would do almost anything for her. His machoism is also quite adorable. Not only is he a great guy and boyfriend, but he is (obviously) very hot. The flirting between Esti and Rafe were some of my favorite parts (I loved their easy banter).

The Caribbean setting was wonderful, it really made this book come alive in a new way and made it very romantic. Many of the beliefs in the Caribbean are incorporated. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a mystery, you are kept guessing 'till the very end (it keeps you on your toes and constantly flipping pages for more), and anyone who likes the Phantom of the Opera or Shakespeare. If you unfamiliar with either of them, don't let that dissuade you from reading this amazingly suspenseful and magical book.

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