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Perfect Chemistry

Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles Check this review out on our blog!

5 Stars


A contemporary like no other! If you are a person who usually hates contemporaries, this contemporary will probably be the contemporary that restores your faith in contemporary novels! Best. Novel. Ever. Read it now!

Within a few pages I was sucked into the world of Brittany and Alex. I felt like I was living two lives. Brittany strives to be perfect for her family and Alex needs to keep up his tough guy exterior to protect his family.

Brittany of course hates that she has to be perfect, but her sister can never be perfect, so Brittany has to be perfect. Brittany's mom is the worst! She's always yelling at Brittany for the tiniest things and the way she treats Shelly, Brittany's older handicapped sister, is horrible! Brittany's mom is constantly worried about what other people would think and since her eldest daughter is handicap, people gossip about Shelly when she has her episodes. Brittany's mom's constant worry over the opinions of others carried over to Brittany because all Brittany wants is to appear to be perfect. The thing about perfection is that no one can be perfect, no matter how much you try to be. So when Brittany starts to like hanging out with Alex she has to keep that to herself because Alex is from the poor side of Fairfield and Brittany is from the rich side. The South and North sides aren't suppose to mix...

Mrs. Peterson was awesome! You always hear about English teachers being the best teachers, but in this case the chemistry teacher was the best! Mrs. P doesn't take nonsense from her students and it was Mrs. P who bailed out Alex when everyone else didn't believe him when he said that he did not vandalize the school gym.

Alex is extremely smart, but believes that he can never do anything other than being in a gang. Because of the environment that he grew up in, I think a lot of people have the view that they can't do anything more because it's not expected of them. Extremely sad, but true. :( Anyway when Alex met Brittany, he starts to mess with her, but later actually likes her. In the end they both help each other.

Jenny @ YA Novelties