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Stalk Me

Stalk Me - Jillian Dodd Check this review out at our blog!

So I decided to do something different. I saw Rosie, another of our YAN bloggers, do this update thing, where she would read then wrote what she thought about the book from what she had recently read. I decided to write my review of Stalk Me that way, so this review is longer than other reviews...

Day One: 17%
The beginning is really slow and I don't really like the voice of the main character. She mentally writes a screenplay of possible scenes that she wants to happen to her in her real life. At first it was cool and different from other novels I've read, but then it kind of got on my nerves. It wasn't that the scenes she imagined were weird, they just came off (at least to me) as vain and a bit obsessive. Ahhh it looks like bad news!

Update: But it wasn't!

Day two: 27%
As a character, Keatyn is really starting to grow on me. I realize that is the case for most of Jillian Dodd's novels, at least for me as a reader. Like in That Boy, I didn't like the novel right away, but since everyone was saying how they adored it and how it was one of the cutest novels that they have ever read, I decide to stick it out and finish the book. ( Note: Even Angie (fellow YAN blogger) liked That Boy and she hates contemporary, so Jillian Dodd's novel MUST have something spectacular about it.) I was really glad I did because all the characters grew on me, until I loved each and every one of them. That Boy got a 5 star rating out of me. LOL:) I'm hoping that it would be the same way with the Keatyn series. So far, Keatyn has been involved with two guys: Cush and Brooklyn. So far, I like both, but I like Cush slightly more.

Note to Keatyn: If an (more than 10 years) older guy is hitting on you, that SHOULD raise red flags!

Day three: 74%
Once you start really getting into this novel, you can't stop! By now, I like all the characters. Her parents are especially awesome! I really hate love triangles in novels. Keatyn and Cush or Keatyn and Brooks? Ok, a guy can't tell you what to wear and what not to wear! If he calls your outfit skanky, then obviously something is wrong in that relationship. I was so mad and annoyed that Keatyn was so indecisive and it kind of seem like she was stringing along the two! Ahh this is why I can't stand love triangles!

Keatyn's girlfriends were jerks through and through! I don't understand why she needed their "friendship."

So by now, I've gotten to the big conflict that gets Keatyn sent away. I have to admit everything in this novel is moving quite fast, almost like watching TV fast. I'm about 3/4 done the book and I like it.

Day four: 100%
My only complaint was that the book introduces so many new people. It wasn't that the new people didn't fit into the book, there were just so many people that I needed to know. As you can see from my reading process, it took me awhile to read the book, but once I got into it, I read pretty fast. If you find yourself not really liking the book, stick it out until about 40% through the novel because that's when I found myself liking the characters, and thus liking the novel. Overall, I liked this book, even though Keatyn was a bit of a frustrating protagonist.

I'm beginning to read the second novel to this series, Kiss Me, so look for that review soon-ish!

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