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Blood and Snow: The Complete Set

Blood and Snow: The Complete Set - RaShelle Workman 3.5 Stars

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Usually when I try fairy tale retellings these days, I try to grade them harshly because the original content is usually at a bare minimum for them. So do not be surprised with this harsh rating and review because there are probably plenty of other people with higher ratings than mine. They are probably also better at figuring out ratings for fairy tale retellings as well... Anyway...

This book or bundle, which it really is, is a series of twelve novellas that tell the story of Snow and her hunky dory life when she discovers that she is a vampire. To make it worse, the Vampire Queen wants her body, which is so wrong on so many levels, but we won't get into that. Prince Charming, or Hunter as he is referred to as, marks Snow as the Queen's next chosen body.

However, Snow isn't alone in trying to discover herself as well as the world she lives in. There is the amazing Professor Pops who is a hilarious father figure to Snow as well as the her seven boy friends. Note the space between 'boy' and 'friends.' Then again, it should probably be six boy friends and one boyfriend. Here is a spoiler, Snow and Gabriel, one of the seven 'dwarfs' that need to shrink a few feet to be a dwarf are going all gaga over each other. It's kind of creepy and gross because Gabe is aggravating.

The story that Blood and Snow tells is a fresh, original one that completely deviates from the actual Snow White story, including the very original that wasn't told by Disney. So many characters were added or rewritten in as completely different people, making it so much more exciting to read. For example, Snow White is now a complete tomboy klutz in this new version. This change was somewhat clich├ęd and unoriginal, not to mention unbelievable because Snow was way too clumsy. Still, it was just one of the cute, fluffy changes that were made to make Snow not see the beauty within her.

The thing that truly kept me drawn to this series was the writing. The plot was topsy-turvey because while some books were solid reads, others felt lacking in certain respects. Of course, this series progressed in plot and in writing as each novella was finished. The only thing that aggravatingly stayed constant was the description of the smells. It is incredibly unrealistic for a character to notice each little scent that passes by them because people tend to focus more on the visual things, rather than the little odors that come out here and there.

Blood and Snow is a series that is hard for me to judge. Each little novella had its own little successes and failures, so it is difficult to decide on the entire series as a whole. Characters either shined or spiked at many points, but Dorian, one of the seven 'dwarfs' shall stay in my heart forever because he is awesome!

Otherwise, I wasn't a huge fan of anyone else because they weren't consistent in their beliefs. I was a big fan of the author's writing though, so even though I am a bit iffy on certain aspects of this book, I am still planning to check out the spin-off that will be written for Cindy, Snow's obnoxious and annoying friend. She is a person that I don't really want to understand, but I am willing to give it a go just for more of Rashelle Workman's works.

-Angie @ YA Novelties