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Date Me

Date Me - Jillian Dodd Check this review out at our blog!

Ok. It's officially, the Keatyn Chronicles are like Gossip Girl, but boarding school edition! (Note: I love GG!) Keatyn is like Blair and Serena all in one person! The scandalousness of the book keeps you on your toes and wanting more. Also you get to meet the rest of the Dawson's family!

The book starts of where the last book, Kiss Me, ended. ugh... I just realized that I have to wait months for the next novel. :( Ok so back to the review. Actually this novel is so hard to review because 1.) it's the third in a series and 2.) the series is basically like a TV show, I feel like I'll just be blabbing on about a show no one knows about. Solution: Read the whole series!

There's a love triangle in this novel and I hate how, even on the third book, Keatyn can't make up her mind! Arghhh ughhh! This is why love triangle frustrate me so much! #TeamAiden

My only complaint about the novel is that Keatyn has become a bit whiney since the last few novels.

-Jenny @ YA Novelties