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Every Other Day

Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn Barnes 4.5 Stars

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I really loved this book. The title, cover, and description intrigued me, and the entire story just sucked me in.

Kali is torn between two different sides of herself. One is a boring, social outcast who endures the rigors of high school, while the other is a night hunter, someone with supernatural abilities. She doesn't know the cause of these changes, only that they happen, and there is no avoiding it. Normally, the two sides never conflict with each other, that is until Kali sees the mark of an ourborus on one of the most popular girls in school, Bethany. The mark of an ourborus means that there is a chupracabra in you, which is certain death, and suddenly Kali's two worlds collide. She is faced with a monumental decision. Should she risk herself in her weak human body to save someone she doesn't even like? Well, the answer is yes, and it turns out that the chupracabra is just the beginning.

I loved all of the female characters. Kali is a smart, brave (in a kind of stupidly endearing way), and funny. She's been pretty much alone all of her life (her dad doesn't really see her), and it is weird for her to open herself up and make friends. I have to admit, her ability to change every other day was the thing that most intrigued me. I can't give any spoilers, but I found the reason behind Kali's transformation very clever, and quite a different take on it than most other books.

Skylar is just adorablely quirky and persistent. She is another social outcast, and completely changes Kali's life by offeering her a special friendship. Not only is she couageous, but she never stops to question her desicions; she puts everyone before herself. At first, Bethany seemed like the atypical b**chy cheerleader, who eventually completely does a turn around and befriends Kali and Skylar. No, there is more to Bethany than we think, she has a deeper story. I'm curious to learn more about Bethany and her family's history in Kali's past.

The best part of this book was the original plot. I loved the crossing of paranormal creatures combined with scientific research. This book kind of balances between the two, leaning more to the paranormal side. It is also kind of like a mystery novel too. What is the reason for Kali's transformation? Who is Zev? How are Kali and Bethany connected? Most of these questions were answered, but the ending just brought up even more questions. What a cliffhanger. The end is just chaos, and there just has to be a second book to continue things.

Overall I would reccomend this to anyone looking for a fresh and exciting new take on things. Not only is it enjoyable for paranormal readers, but also for ones who enjoy science fiction. Barnes does a wonderful job of weaving them together, and produces a amazingly written book. This book is highly reccomended. I can't wait 'till the sequel!!

~M @ YA Novelties