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Review: Kiss Me by Jillian Dodd

Kiss Me: The Keatyn Chronicles: Book two - Jillian Dodd

Kiss Me picks up exactly where Stalk Me ended, kind of like the first book never end. So make sure you read the first novel! This series is shaping to be like Gossip Girl except boarding school edition, which is awesome because I love GG. This book definitely has a lot more going on than the first novel, meaning way more drama! Seems like Stalk Me was just the build up of the drama that is Kiss Me. By the way, why do boarding schools always seem so glamorous in novels and TV?

Keats and her parents are really tight. It's really nice that they get along, since most YA characters don't get along with their parents. It's pretty cool that she goes to her parents for relationship advice and that she listens to their advice. 
I knew there was a reason why I didn't like Brooklyn! After reading Kiss Me I don't like him at all! Brooklyn= yuke! I don't really understand why Keats is mad at Cush though. It's not like he betrayed her...
There's another love triangle. There always is.... Although I find love triangles overrated and overused, I do like this love triangle between Aiden, Dawson, and Keats better than other love triangles in the YA novel world. First off Dawson, hello that's the name of the character from the Lux series! And Aiden is the guy from the Covenant series! #JLA is the greatest! Sorry... the characters in Kiss Me just have really awesome names. I hate when both the guys in the triangle are both awesome because that makes predicting and deciding what guy she should end up with much harder.
I definitely liked Kiss Me better than Stalk Me. Maybe it was because I read both within a few days of each other, but I think it was because after Stalk Me I got to know the characters very well. I can't wait for Date Me(the third book)! Very sad/ mad/ excited that we have to wait until spring!!! April 15th come faster!