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Review: Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare
I cannot believe that it's over! The Infernal Devices, one of the best YA series ever written is done, gone, and forever shall stay in our hearts. If you're a lover of this series and need to stop hyperventilating in excitement to read more Will and Jem, then I suggest you to stop being a miser and buy a copy of this book like I did. Seriously! It is worth every penny and trouble that you will get yourself into, like I did with spending $9 on it.
This will be a spoiler-free review, so let's see how this will go. Now, let's start with the aspect of the series that keeps everyone hooked: the love triangle. Honestly, this love triangle is one that is ridiculously hard to read about. It's so heart-wrenching and unbearable to see Tessa, Will, and Jem be forced into the kind of despicable romance with one guy left hanging. For some reason it is okay for 2 girls + 1 guy to have a girl be left hanging because that girl is always the self-centered *beep*, but for with 1 girl + 2 guys, it's such a tumultuous roller coaster that always crashes. 
Thankfully, Cassandra Clare is able to make the otherwise overly used love triangle exciting and seem original. There are so many love triangles out there, but this series presents a love triangle that seems to be genuine and passionate. I will not say that I am falling for the conclusion of this love triangle because it felt somewhat fake and obvious that the author was trying to appease everyone. 
Otherwise, everything about Clockwork Princess was perfect, or near perfection. There is a maturity that all of the characters, young or old, seem to develop. Characters that I originally despised, mainly Gabriel and Jessamine, received their share of the spotlight that redeemed them. Other characters that were obviously meant to be despicable remained that way, and some still are to this day (Woolsey is the werewolf I'd love to shoot the most). Despite the ridiculously large number of characters that keep popping up in The Infernal Devices, they all possess their own unique qualities that make them memorable. 
Clare's tendency to have weak, boring female leads seems to have shifted to stronger, more likable female protagonists. Tessa has become a heroine that is worthy of everyone's love and support because she doesn't mope or waste time on dreaming on the what-ifs, like Clary did in City of Lost Souls. In the beginning, Tessa did seem to be a clone of Clary, but thankfully she has developed into a fierce heroine that can stand among the Shadowhunters. 
Meanwhile, Will + Jem, are the couple that deserve the most shipping. All of the misunderstandings and necessary clarifications are revealed to the both of them that leaves the reader breathless. There are so many moments between the two in this book that left me brokenhearted. The beautiful friendship they have is so powerful and sweet. If only all books had bromances of similar caliber as this one...
Clockwork Princess is the pinnacle of perfection for conclusions to magnificent, epic series like these. Cassandra Clare has left her readers disappointed with an ending that is somewhat predictable, yet satisfying. The ending wasn't tightly tied up, but left many loose ends for Clare's future books, leaving everyone desperate to find out what more is to come in the world of the Shadowhunters.