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Review: Spark (Elemental #2) by Brigid Kemmerer

Spark - Brigid Kemmerer
Warning: Will have comparisons to first novel!

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In comparison to StormSpark did not have a confusing beginning. Since I read the first Elemental novel, I was familiar with the Elemental world, so if you are thinking of reading Spark, read Storm first!

The build up in Storm was a bit slow and boring, but the buildup in Spark was much more interesting. Maybe it's because Gabriel is a much more interesting person than Chris? (Hey just my opinion, we can agree to disagree :) Gabriel is a complete A-hole, but it's because he believes he killed his parents when he lost control of his fire element. The only person that knows Gabriel's secret is his brother Nick, who's novella I can't wait to read! The only friend Gabriel has is his (twin) brother, Nick. I found it really sad that Gabriel alienates people, but hey that's what's making this novel. I did not understand why Nick and Gabriel stopped talking in the first place. The conflict that broke them up was so small in comparison to other things that could've happened. If they are best friends and brothers, I felt that they should've/could've gotten past that conflict much quicker and easier than they did.

Layne's story was sadder than I expected. At first I didn't like her, but I didn't hate her either. I was annoyed with her though. I seem to be annoyed with characters that just want to blend in and because they have such low self-esteem, they are taken advantage of all the time. I just wanted to scream at Layne, sometimes. I mean come on! Stand up for yourself! I really did liked the kindness Layne showed her deaf brother, Simon. Gabriel was also nice to Simon! It was so sweet that Gabriel stood up to Simon's bullies for him! (Note: Guys can be really mean!)

The plot in this novel was wonderful! For some reason, I really like the idea of having an elemental power. (like in Avatar: The Last Airbender lol:)

Spirit (Hunter's novel comes out in May!) Can't wait for May! If you don't know who Hunter is, read the novels!!!