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Review: Princess of the Silver Woods by Jessica Day George

Princess of the Silver Woods - Jessica Day George
Let me start this out saying that this is the third book in the series, and it would help to read the other two books first, but to enjoy this book you don't have to read them (although it is suggested as it would make things a bit clearer). When I started reading this book, I myself had not realized that this was the third book, but it turns out that I had actually read the first in the series a while back, but didn't remember it until now. Even though I missed reading the second book in the series, I still loved Princess of the Silver Woods, and thought it was a cute and quick read.
I personally am a fan of fairytale retellings, and Princess of the Silver Woods was no exception. Petunia, the youngest of the twelve dancing princesses, has grown up to be quite a spunky and brave person. She even dares to point a pistol at the bandits who try to rob her. Of course she isn't scared, or at least hides it well, showing a brave exterior when she might be quaking underneath. With that however, Petunia doesn't always think things through. I just wanted to smack my head when she fell for the trap (it was  so very obvious). Sigh. Oh well. Also, the love between her and Oliver was sort of annoying. It was kinda like insta love, much as I don't want to admit it. They barely see each other yet fall in love so quickly. Ok, Petunia may be a great person whom you could fall easily in love with, but still.
From the beginning, Oliver was quite taken with Petunia. I guess having a pistol pointed in his face by her may have made quite the first impression. Indeed, he is also a dashing hero in disguise. His earldom was given away by King Gregor after the war, so he was left as an earl without any land. Not only that, but he still had to provide for his people, resorting to robbing coaches for money. Of course, predictably, he will be redeemed by Petunia.  

 Also, I got very annoyed at how many times they mentioned the nine princesses of Russaka and their connection with the King Under Stone. It seemed everyone made that revelation on their own and had to keep repeating it as if they couldn't get it through their heads. Yes, everyone understands, now can you quickly do something about it? 
Overall, Princess of the Silver Woods was a great little book that provided some lighthearted fun at a fast pace. If you are looking for a book that is a quick read and something you can just sit back and enjoy, I would definitely recommend this book. However, I would also suggest reading the other two books in the series (although it isn't necessary).