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Endure (Need)

Endure (Need) - Carrie Jones Check this review out on our blog!

It began with Need, and ended with Endure. All in all, I pretty much liked the whole series and would give it 3 stars, but the best book was definitely Endure. Need originally piqued my interest, and I couldn't wait for the sequel. Captivate and Entice, however, fell flat and I didn't like them much at all. The only reason that I read Endure was to get closure and find out what finally happened with Zara. Endure was a definite pick me up from the other books in the series, and had nonstop action and the best possible ending.

One reason why I think Endure is so much better than the other books in the series is because of Zara. In this book she is the best she's ever been and really comes into her own, taking charge and being responsible. It seems like she has finally come to her true potential, and really steps up to the plate, making many hard decisions and toughing it out.

The love interests are Astley and Nick. I used to really like Nick, but in Endure I got sort of disgusted at him. He tells Zara how he can't love her because she is a pixie and how she is so much different from her "old self". I find those crappy reasons not to be with someone, and think it's a load of bs. I mean, if he really did love her, then he would accept that she is a pixie and all of the changes that has brought. He never redeems himself with me. On the other hand, now Astley has a great chance to be with Zara. I personally love Astley, and think he is so much better than Nick. He is strong, yet sweet, dangerous, yet gentle. I would totally choose him over Nick any day.

Surprisingly enough, there wasn't that much romance in it. I am glad that there wasn't and that Carrie Jones focuses more on the plot and what's happening, but I also was sort of hoping for more romance. Carrie Jones seems to balance the love triangle and the action quite well, not making it all about the love, but also adding some spice to the plot.

Overall I really liked this book. It had fast paced action, a dash of love, and a climactic finish to end the series, leaving me quite satisfied.

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