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Shade (Shade, Book 1)

Shade  - Jeri Smith-Ready Check this review out on our blog!

Aura and everyone else that is younger than her can see ghosts, but Aura is the First, which means she was the first person born that is able to see ghosts. Aura is a super kick-butt female protagonist, her choices actually made sense! A lot of times when reading, the protagonist has a few choices to make and when you read what they (finally) decided to do you think/scream What?! You idiot! But Aura's decisions did not make me think that, her decisions were carefully thought out and smart, well most of them anyway, but she is still an awesome protagonist.

This book has a love triangle between Aura, Zach, and Logan, but it works! I generally do not like love triangles, but they usually don't get on my nerves, but lately tons of YA novels have love triangles and it's so overdone lately. Since the love triangles are so overdone lately, they are really a hit or miss in a book, but I am so glad that it was a hit in Shade!

ZACH: Aura's new friend, who is also the Last, so he was the last person born pre-Shift, and together they are trying to figure out the Shift. Zach is Scottish! Let's talk about Zach's awesomeness shall we, ok he has tons of patience, he is the kindest person ever, he is just every awesome adjective you can think of! He stood up for Aura when people spread lies about her.

The friends(s) of the protagonist: Aura's best friend is Megan and she is just an all-round amazing friend. Megan stood up for Aura(Aura wasn't around) when a group of kids where talking trash about her and Logan. She even took a punch from the mean girl who was talking trash about Aura. After the death of Logan, everyone at school avoided Aura except for Zach and Megan. Those two were the people that stood by her side when the going got tough and that is what true friends do; they have your back no matter what.

The ending, ugh what will happen now?! Must. Read. Sequel, Shift, NOW!

Jenny @YA Novelties