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Storm (Elemental)

Storm - Brigid Kemmerer Check out this review on our blog!

The beginning of Storm was really confusing for me and I admit, at first, I was not immediately sucked into the book. It wasn't until about the 50th page that I really got into the book, but once I got into the story, I was hooked! The beginning starts off with Chris getting beat up and Becca helping Chris get away from the bullies. Things got a bit confusing to me when I read the conversations that we going on between the Merrick family, everything was super secretive and they were a bit rude to Becca. But we later find out why they acted so secretive.

Lately in YA novels, it's always the best friend of the protagonist that I don't like and thus he/she kind of kills the story a little for me. Quinn is the best friend of Becca. At first I didn't have an opinion of Quinn; she was just another character, nothing too special, but then she really got on my nerves. She came off to me as selfish and self-centered. Quinn seems to care about Becca, but not as much as she cares about herself, which just really bugged me. Why can't YA novels have a good, nice best friend? Quinn did redeem herself though, but that was towards the end of the novel and by that point my impression of her kind of stuck.

The mystery aspects(and there were a lot) in Storm was one of the things that bugged me, yet intrigued me. It bugged me because I really really wanted to find out what the heck is going on. It intrigued me because it made the book that much more enjoyable. Nothing in Storm was predictable and I liked that about a novel because come on, who wants to read a book that they already know what will happen? One of the things that really got me was who the Guide was. I thought for sure that the Guide was this one person, but it was someone else entirely.

Our protagonist was also very likable. Becca Chandler has a good head on her shoulders, but sometimes her wanting to help overpowers that, like jumping in the middle of a fight or being in a shooting fire.

The plot was pure awesomeness! I really like that everyone (well not everyone, but the main characters) had some kind of element power, whether it be Earth, Wind, Fire, or Water. There was also a fifth element that I found really interesting, Spirit.

Something else that some people may not like about this book is the amount of swear words that this book has. This did not really bugged me because lately it seems like a lot of YA novels have a lot of cursing, plus a lot of teens these days curse more and more.

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