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The Iron King (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa CHARACTERS-

OK, even I have to admit--this series may be a bit cheesy, but I tell you, it's good!

OK. I've read the summary of Iron King. The first thing that comes to mind is LOVE TRIANGLE. Yup, there is one heck of a love triangle in this story. It's the usual cast of characters - the one clumsy girl that'll save the day, the cold-hearted-cool-but-so-hot-in-an-attractive-sense-prince boy, and the cute-funny-I-don't-want-him-to-get-hurt-in-that-love-polygon-gosh-darn-it best friend.

Key to the Stereotypical Charcters:
Clumsy Heroine = Meghan Chase
Cold Prince Dude = Prince Ash
BFFL of Heroine/Funny Guy = Puck

Although the characters may be (really) stereotypical and cliché, you WILL fall in love with the characters. Their personalities are quirky and funny, and really quite human (well, if you ignore the fae part). I truly enjoyed reading about Meghan. I loved reading and watching how she matures and grows mentally and physically in this story. My favorite book in this series would be the second part of Iron Queen. That is the part of the series where you can truly see how much Meghan has grown as a person and fae.

As for the classy love interests, I have to say, I was sooo on Team Puck. Well, actually.... now that I think about it...I think that I liked both Ash and Push so much, that I decided to be on Team Meghan...oh, I don't know! All I can say is that I definitely wasn't disappointed in Meghan's choice. Poor Meghan. If I had to choose between Ash or Push, I would be so lost! I wouldn't know who to pick!


I really love Julie Kagawa's writing. Kagawa is one of the few YA authors that can write a book that I won't ever want to put down. Usually, Kagaway writes through the character's eyes, which my favorite style. I love how Kagawa can capture what a character is feeling, thinking, and perceiving the world around them in a way that seems to be so effortless. Her writing flows and is easily understandable that it's like Kagawa plops you right into her own fantasy universe. Not to mention, Kagawa always plans the perfect joke at the right time!

The whole series is written as though through Meghan's eyes, except for the last book, Iron Knight. That book is the adventure of Prince Ash, and is narrated through him. (Unfortunately, that's all I can tell ya without giving away key info....) Honestly, with the Iron Fey series, you can really stop reading after Iron Queen. (Hey, that's what I did, and I'm here giving you a review of what I thought of the "whole" series.)


As I said earlier, the Iron Fey really isn't to be enjoyed for its originality or uniqueness, because you WILL find that there are many cliché/stereotypical/predicted things in this series. I mainly enjoyed this series because it was a mix of everything I liked. Fantasy, action, well-timed humor, love triangles, awesome kick-ass heroine, and 2 loveable guys that weren't total jerks/creepers to the heroine *cough**cough* Edward.


Overall, if you hadn't guessed, I really enjoyed reading this series. Personally, I don't think it's necessary to read the fourth book, which was really, it seems to me, written for the hard-core fans out there. I was perfectly happy to stop after reading #3.

I gave this series a 4.5 because I felt some should be taken off for its lack of originality in some parts. Other than that, this series was perfect.

I loved the characters, their personalities, the cute plot, the great and forever amazing Puck and Ash, and of course, Kagawa's amazing writing prowess. The Iron Fey series is definitely one of my all time favorites and it could be yours, too, if you gave it a chance. So as they say.... READ IT!!

Rosie @ YaNovelties