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Tempest Rising

Tempest Rising - Tracy Deebs Check out this review on our blog!

The reason why I decided to read Tempest Rising, was that I hadn't read a mermaid book in a while, and I wanted more, mermaids are one of the less written about YA subjects, so I jumped at the chance to read this. Not only is it about mermaids, but it seems like it has a good plot. Let's begin.

I, personally, like Tempest. You can't help but feel sorry for her when you learn about everything she has on land, like her family, surfing, and a boyfriend, which she has to continually fight for in the pull between being mermaid and human. Also, instead of the average monster slaying heroine, Tempest actually feels guilty when she has to kill in self defense, feeling regret and remorse.

With the love triangle it was hard to choose a side. I liked Mark, and how he loves and supports her, and truly thinks that she is the one. The best side of him though is how he see's through Tempest's lies and tries to talk to her, and really fights to keep her. On the other hand, there is Kona, who is totally right for Tempest in that he really understands and connects with her. He also has long, dark hair and mysterious eyes, and can make me totally forget about Mark. Sigh . . .

The end of the book is ok . . . I mean it isn't one of those terrible-leave-you-hanging endings, but with this ending Tempest Rising could almost be just a solo book, and it doesn't quite need a sequel, but there are still somethings that I want to find out about. I liked the setting, first on the California beach, where the author really dives into Tempest's surfing life. The underwater aspect was also excellent, and I enjoyed how it wasn't only about mermaids, but other creature too.

I am highly looking forward to reading the sequel, and would recommend this to anyone who loves mermaids or is looking for an introduction to mermaid fiction. With an amazing setting and lovable characters, Tempest Rising is a fast paced watery ride through the life of someone with the difficult choice between the land and the sea.

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