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Hereafter - Tara Hudson Check this review out on our blog!

It was extremely frustrating and irritating to read about Amelia regaining her memory. Maybe it was because when I read a book I generally like to finish it as soon as I can, but this book was very detailed, a plus, but it was veryy slow, so slow that I had to put it down and read it at a later time. The novel was really slow for the most part, but there were some interesting parts to it.

I have definitely read better ghost novels. I mostly stuck around to read about Joshua. Joshua for the most part was more interesting than Amelia, in fact I think I would have enjoyed Hereafter better if it were all in Joshua's point of view.

Every book has the crazy lady, in this novel it was Joshua's grandmother. Is it wrong to say I enjoyed reading about the crazy lady and the troubles she caused the main character?

There's not really much left to say, but the only real complaint I have is that Amelia was boring...

Jenny @YA Novelties