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Being Jamie Baker

Being Jamie Baker - Kelly Oram Check out our review on our blog!

Jamie Baker is a really cool gal! I want her to be my friend, who cares if she's fictional! Jamie did not have any friends at her new school, but she wants it that way. Jamie has superpowers and for the most part she can't control them, so isolating herself from people will keep her secret safe and it will keep people safe. So when Ryan tries to be her friends, things get complicated.

This was totally a girly book, but I like girl books, so that's ok. For most of the book, it was all about Ryan trying to be friends/date Jamie and Jamie shutting him out and then Ryan's friends' drama, but towards the end of the book it got action-y, but of course since Jamie has superpowers, so naturally she will use them. Fun fact: Jamie Baker has green hair and yellow eyes! When I read this I thought I thought she was being sarcastic, but I guess not.

Like a lot of other YA novels out there, the main male character is a nice guy who is cocky, charming, and smart, who is also popular and has not-so-nice friends. There's nothing that really stands out about Ryan Miller that is different from other novels, but he was a good character. Here is Ryan's POV, if you guys want to check that out!

Overall this book was awesome! With the only complaint being that Jamie got a tad bit annoying from time to time, but I seem to have that complaint with a bunch of other books...

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