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From What I Remember...

From What I Remember... - Stacy Kramer, Valerie  Thomas Check out this review on our blog!

Over the summer, I read a lot of reviews on this book and everyone (well a lot of reviewers) said that reading this book was like watching tv and I totally agree with them. The pace of From What I Remember was very fast and it always had something going on. The book is told from five people's POVs, Kylie, Max, Lily, Will, and Jake. This thing with a bunch of different POVs is that it can get confusing at times, but that wasn't the case for this book! Although I loved reading all the different POVs (some more than the others), was Lily's POV necessary? She only had about 10 pages in her POV. Maybe I don't think her POV is that important because I did not like her... Jake's POV was really sweet. Jake is Kylie little brother who has asperger and his POV was just so sweet. Jake kind of reminds me of Gary from the show Alphas, which by the way is an excellent show and Gary is my favorite character!!

The overall plot was pretty predictable, but the individual events that happened weren't. What are the chances of getting your backpack stolen and then retrieving it from a robber's truck, but getting stuck in the truck and going over the US/Mexico border? I guess this is why the genre is call realistic-fiction...

Max and Kylie, the hero and the heroine, are your standard contemporary characters. At first they hated each other, but eventually they fall in love, but because of the social differences (of high school) they don't think they can be together. But I did enjoy Max and Kylie's humor! Who doesn't enjoy a good laugh?

Will, oh the best friend. The best friends in novels are usually my favorite characters; I don't know why, but they just are. Because of their high school's social ladder, Will and Kylie sat next to each other one day in lunch and then they became best friends due to their common interest in movies. Oh! That is another thing that I loved about this book. I love how in every chapter there is a quote from a movie, right under where it says Chapter so-and-so. I also love how Will and Kylie recite various lines from movies. :) Ok, so back to Will. Will is basically the sassy, cool friend that Kylie has. Will is gay and struggles with being different in a community where his differences aren't welcomed. Throughout the book, he comes to a revelation about himself... (dot, dot, dot :P)

Ah the ending! It was so great! (sorry can't say more...You'll just have to read it! (mwahhhh
I wish I knew what happened to Charlie afterwards though.... Perhaps there will be a sequel?? Who knows...

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