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Sue Grafton: Three Complete Novels; A, B & C: A is for Alibi; B is for Burglar; C is for Corpse

Sue Grafton: Three Complete Novels; A, B & C: A is for Alibi; B is for Burglar; C is for Corpse - Sue Grafton Check this review out at our blog!

I totally didn't really think this book would be my thing. When you put the words "Gossip Girl" and "Pretty Little Liars" in the blurb, those who have a disdain for those things, aka. me, immediately turn away. But I admit, I really wanted to see if I could solve a murder. It wasn't like this series would drag along like Pretty Little Liars does (it's on like its 12th book by now?). Guess you can now call me a detective geek because I enjoyed reading Alibi and definitely need to read more like it.

Alibi is the culmination of four suspects of Abby's murders and the stories behind their possible motives. Each point of view of one of the four narrators gave a light to what was going on behind the scenes of Abby and those around her. Let's just say that it's totally whacked up. We are presented Charles, the hot Australian who becomes Abby's secret boyfriend, Palmer, the slut who envies Abby, Mason, aka "Ace," Abby's boyfriend and Charles' cousin, and not to mention Rowan, Abby's backstabbing BFF. I wouldn't say that there was anything special about Abby's murder. No twist or any unique features, but boy, how much fun I had reading it cannot be put into words.

I'm kind of afraid now that I have some crazy obsession with finding people's secrets now. While I was reading Alibi, I was so pumped up on digging into the dirt of these teenagers' lives, instead of the main focus, who killed Abby. Maybe it was because I already had a hunch 50 page in (that was totally spot on), but still the dirt made it so worth it. All of these characters all had their own secrets. Not a single one was a spotless lamb; the grim covering them was mostly based around Abby, making the secrets unveiled really put the pace and made the plot thrilling. Although this made the plot extremely exciting, it also made the characters extremely hard to like because they were all so screwed up.

All together, Alibi is a fast-paced mystery that will keep the readers on their toes as they flip through the pages rapidly, just dying to solve the mystery of Abby's murder. However, the ending is a major disappointment. After all of the tension and dark secrets, one would expect a satisfying crunch to end this mystery. Unfortunately, the ending falls flat, as if a roller coaster suddenly stops halfway down the highest hill. Regardless, Alibi is still a read that will be impossible to put down until the final page. There is an addictive quality that cannot be repressed and will hold you for the ride till the end.

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