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Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls

Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls - Tellulah Darling Check this review out at our blog!

This book, although it is young-adult, should probably only be read by mature teens or an older audience.

I really liked Ally in the beginning before her transformation. I kind of thought that she was already a kick-butt heroine but...

After her transformation, I did not quite like Ally. She became that girl in high school. Maybe it was my own personal views that made me not like this book, but the book did have some redeeming qualities to it. The dialogue (well some of it) was funny and there was a bunch of (vulgar) humor, which I found funny at first, but then it was kind of overwhelmingly vulgar that it just wasn't that funny. But the penguin that poops chocolate was pretty funny :) (FYI:The penguin was a toy penguin!)

The ending was pretty much what saved the whole book for me, since I'm a huge sucker for happy endings. But overall, the plot was pretty predictable; nothing in the book was a surprise to the reader. :/

ARC courtesy of Te Da Media via NetGalley. Thank you Te Da Media and NetGalley!

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