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52 Reasons to Hate My Father

52 Reasons to Hate My Father - Jessica Brody Check this review out our blog!

3.5 Stars!

Once you get past all the pages with Lexi being really, really angry at her father for him not giving her her trust fund, the story becomes interesting and funny. Although the first 70 or so pages are extremely irritating and annoying, since are all about Lexi screaming and yelling about not getting her trust fund, you did need to read them to see that she was truly a spoiled princess. But hey even though she was annoying in the beginning, you can still laugh at her expense of saying ridiculous things that only people with obscene amounts of money will ever say. :)

I really enjoyed seeing how Lexi progressed and became a much nicer and caring person.

Luke, the guy Lexi has to report to after every job, is super helpful and you just know that Lexi will eventually like him because come on this is a YA contemporary novel, therefore there is always a love interest.

This book was a light and funny read, but really predictable. If you are looking to have an easy read I would recommend this book to you!

Jenny @YA Novelties