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Winter's Passage

Winter's Passage - Julie Kagawa Check this review out at our blog!

As an avid fan of Julie Kagawa's unique, and comical series, The Iron Fey, it was an obvious choice that I'd choose this book of all the others for the Winter Haven Sleigh Tour. You know, because of the "Winter" part? I couldn't help but notice that the title did indeed include a hint as to whether I should read it or not. You can guess where that lead me. (Considering the fact that Kagawa's other novella was called Summer's Crossing, you can tell that WP was a shoe-in.)

As usual, Kagawa's cute, comical, teenage writing style fits perfectly as Meghan's voice. I could practically hear her voice as my eyes glided across the page like nobody's business! Kagawa never fails to leave me entertained at the end of the day. Some people can't stand Kagawa's writing at all; they thought the Iron Fey was quite cheesy and the characters were quite flat. I do see and understand why they might argue that, but, well, who doesn't want a little cheesy in their life? I think the Iron Fey series is a guilty pleasure; not exactly great for you, but you get addicted.

Because the novella was only about 50 pages, there clearly wasn't enough room for crucial things, like character development, or the technical details of the plot. This book was mostly likely (no doubt about it) written as a sort of "fan service" for Iron Fey fans out there, and was to show the relationship development between Ash, Meghan, and Puck. Yet again, the interaction between the three are quite hilarious. 2 jealous boys arguing over some ditzy blondie-summer-girl? What's not to laugh about? (Oh, for pete's sake, take that stick out of your butt.) Tee, hee.

GO TEAM PUCK. Spoiler ahead. Oh, Puck, I pity thee. Thy love (Meghan) chooses, not theyself, but thy competitor (Ash.) I'm going to go on a mini-rant about these 2. Puck is a perfectly nice, cute guy! If you were wondering who he was, he's the best-friend guy (that always gets friend-zoned by the girl) and cracks jokes and always plays pranks. Puck has known Meghan for years, and has always been by her side, cheering her up when she's down, and making her laugh. Ash is the cool, i'm-so-bad-ass-and-dangerous-stay-away-from-me-baby guy, and always pushes Meghan away. But what does little missy do? She goes for the guy who pushes her away.

As Cookie Monster says, "What the hell is this crap?"

Is Meghan really THAT STUPID? I always can't help but feel sorry for guys like Puck, who get rejected at 1st base. Poor guy. (NOT that I advocate going past 1st base in a YA novel!!!!!)

Ah well. What can ya do? Overall, I enjoyed Kagawa's writing, and would definitely recommend this for a light read.

Rosie @ YA Novelties