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Serial Hottie

Serial Hottie - Kelly Oram Check this review out at our blog!

Don't judge a book by its title! I'm definitely sure my friends are going to make fun of me for reading a novel with such a title like Serial Hottie, but it was surprisingly a good read.

This is the summer that changes Ellie from a tomboy to a tomboy who likes some girly things. She still can beat up any boy, but now she can beat up a guy while looking girly at the same time. Ellie is hilarious! I like how she sometimes unknowingly says what she's thinking out loud. Angela who's Ellie's older sister is the opposite of Ellie, Ang is girly and popular. I liked seeing how the two of them were bonding over the course of the novel.

Not going to lie, Seth really freaked me out. On several occasions I thought he was the Saturday Night Slasher. Random thought: Why do people always give serial killers catchy names? There was a bunch of evidence that suggested that Seth was the killer, but Kelly Oram does an amazing job making the reader think that he's not, but at the same time be suspicious of him. But then I thought Travis was the serial killer... the person that was actually the killer was so unexpected! (As obvious as this seems, Jenny just gave a spoiler, but I'm not going to do anything about it... ;P)

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