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Reached - Ally Condie Check this review out at our blog!

Wow. What a conclusion to this series. Although I originally liked it, Matched was a great dystopian book (if a little stereotypical), but Reached kinda let me down. The reason why I did decide to read Reached, was because I had to know the ending. Well, here I am, now done the series. I have to say, that was a fitting ending.

I have to admit it. The beginning half was pretty boring. Not much action. It's not so bad though, you are able to get a feel for what part everyone plays in the Rising. Also, I did like the alternating views between Cassia, Ky, and Xander. The reader is able to glimpse what everyone is doing, and how they all connect together, which I love.

Once the pace quickens, and stuff starts happening, it's quite a whirlwind and very unpredictable, which is what I like about it. My favorite part though, has to be the ending. It was left kind of open ended, which I usually hate, but I think it was a fitting end to the series. At first Iwas annoyed at the ending, how can it be left open like that? But after a while I understood that maybe it was all for the best, and maybe some things are better left a mystery unanswered. It also was a bittersweet ending, I have to admit that I absolutely love sunset happy endings, but yet the end was so perfect. The loss was present, but the hope shined through, which I think is the case for a lot of real life stories, which made it more realistic and presented it in a way I definitely could connect with and understand. Having a balance between sadness and happiness is very hard, and Condie did an amazing job.

This book was a little deeper than the others. It really made you think, especially concerning the Pilot. You are never given a full answer, and you're let to chew on that idea. I think it's great 'cause it lets people interpret it in different ways. The writing was also stunning. I think Reached really let Condie show off her writing style (especially at the end).

Reached is the finale in a series about a girl ready and willing to fight for change. The beginning was quite slow, but I strongly suggest for readers to hang on, the wait for the good stuff (the really interesting part) is worth it. Overall I would suggest this series to anyone who likes dystopian stories with a deeper feel to them, and even if you're not a fan of love triangles (which I'm not really) still read this series, it rights itself in the end (that's all I can say). Have fun!

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