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Review: The Temptation by Alisa Valdes

The Temptation - Alisa Valdes

Ok so the synopsis is extremely cheesy, but this novel really surprised me because it was a really good novel. It was one of those novels that you finish reading and think that's it? Where's the rest of the book? I need to read the second novel! I'm the least patient person that I know, so waiting 6 months for the second novel is basically torture. 

The beginning for me was so slow. It took me a few days to get through the first 40 pages! But after that the story really picks up and it got really interesting.

Travis was kind of creepy in the beginning, but as his story unfolds (BTW: his story was were the problem stems off from) it explained the creepiness of Travis.

Random Thought: I would love to read a story from Randy's  (Travis' older brother who witness and remembered his father's death) POV. 

To me this plot was really unique. The elements that went into this story was extremely interesting. I like the idea of a Kindred and how ghosts can be a solid person.