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Before I Wake (Harlequin Teen)

Before I Wake - Rachel Vincent Check this review out on our blog!

Perhaps I shouldn't be writing or rating this book, considering my extreme love for this series. Obviously, this review is going to be a bias one, ranting about how amazing this series is and the reasons why you should read it. Well, I hope you enjoy this spazz-tastic review.

Before I Wake begins immediately after Kaylee's return to life. Although she has adjusted with her undead body, Kaylee finds it hard to pretend to be alive again. Everything that has once mattered to her is futile, when she won't even be allowed to claim it. It is extremely interesting to explore the conflicting emotions of Kaylee as she realizes that she may seem to be part of the living world, but will never truly be connected again.

After the traumatizing and incredible events of If I Die, one would think that the situation that Kaylee is in couldn't get any worse. Luckily (unfortunately for Kaylee and the gang) for us, Rachel Vincent does not cease the with her killer plot twists and turns. In fact, poor Kaylee has more things tossed at her that will come together to create one of the greatest confrontations in YA paranormal history that I cannot wait for in With All My Soul.

The writing of Before I Wake is the same as all Soul Screamers books; witty and fast-paced. I enjoyed the pacing of the novel. The first couple chapters shine the spotlight on Kaylee's emotional struggles, then immediately jump into a fascinating Netherworld mystery. Keeping only a few chapters to focus on Kaylee's new life was a smart move because Kaylee's struggles are natural, but would have become quite dull after a long period of time.

Before I Wake is a perfect sequel to If I Die, which wiped the floor of all Soul Screamers novels. This was, if not better, the equal of its predecessor. Rachel Vincent has spun a thrilling paranormal that is sure to keep the reader biting their fingernails as the pages turn.

Angie @YA Novelties