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Unearthly  - Cynthia Hand Check this review out on our blog!

4.5 Stars

After trudging through the horrendously high number of paranormals that have the Twilight characteristics, I was totally prepared to call quits on this genre. Luckily, I didn't, and still haven't, which allows me to discover the gems that I would have otherwise missed. Unearthly is a fast-paced, smart paranormal that explores the idea of fate and totally reworks the overused Nephilim thing.

Clara Gardner is a Nephilim who knows who she is and what she will have to do. Unlike most paranormals that are like "OMG! I'm this special creature," we already past that point and don't have to deal with the crap. Clara, her mom, and her brother are all part-angel, making them have super-duper cool powers that make them way more epic than most people, but also causes some inconveniences, aka Clara's hair glowing blonde, resulting in her hair being dyed a hideous carrot color.

Unearthly was special in its way of re-imagining the myths of Nephilim and incorporating them into our modern era. At some points, there were times when Clara and friends took the whole angel thing way too seriously for such a minor thing, but the author never fails to add another aspect of the angel thing that just brings smiles to the reader.

My only major complaint about this book was the first third of the book. During this intro to the world of Nephis (love my abbreviation, right?), the plot would progress incredibly slow and at certain points, I just wanted to give Clara a thump to the head. Still, as I continued to read the book, I fell more in love with the characters, the world and romance. I can guarantee that no one will be able to not love Tucker, because boy, that guy knows how to work his charm (unfortunately for me).

Cynthia Hand has created a work of art with the Unearthly series. The gorgeousness of the setting and the writing kept me hooked throughout the entire book, while the characters ran around in their own little bubble of Nephilimism. As mysteries were unraveled one by another, I can say that this book was one that will keep the reader hooked till the very end, and still grab ahold of your thoughts even as you put the book down.

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