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Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise: Oracle of Delphi Series (Volume 2)

Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise  - Diantha Jones Come check this review out on our blog!

Thanks to author Diantha Jones for providing us an e-copy of her book, Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise and allowing us to participate in her amazing (international) giveaway, which you can enter here. Good luck to all of those who are entering!

4.5 Stars

This is one of the few books that I've really enjoyed in such a long time. I mean, there are some that I've been extremely excited about, but kind of fell flat, but this is one of the few books that I've been dying to read and has met my expectations. Bravo Diantha! Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise has wowed me beyond belief. There's just so much packed into the pages that allows one to devour this book with such a satisfying feeling.

We begin with Chloe and the gang instantly stuck in between a rock and a hard place. Basically, the human police are kind of holding them up when I'm dying to get to the juicy stuff. Definite problem there! Darn you police!! Despite the odd beginning, which is begins rather awkwardly, the book soon rushes and flies at an ever-increasing rate, keeping the readers on the edges of their seats. So many mysteries are solved and revealed in this book; there's simply so much packed into this book, as if it's bursting at the seams with everything a reader can appreciate.

As the truths are unveiled one after another, we begin to see that this series, Oracle of the Delphi series, takes place in such a large, complex world ready to double-cross the readers and disappoint. New characters are introduced, some good, some screwed up and some with other motives in mind. I wish that these characters had more screen time than they were given, but I can't deny that I love the main characters too much to allow them to be overshadowed by some powerful enemies. My only complaint would be that I wish that there were more chapters with alternating point of views from different characters, instead of seeing events pass by from Chloe's viewpoint for 90% of the book.

Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise is one of those reads that can be read without a dull moment. The action, fast-pace, wittiness and OMG! moments are what make this book stand out among other YA novels. While others usually fall flat when it comes to pacing and plot, Diantha knows how to keep a book on the right path, and not go off on tangents. Although at times I found the romance between Chloe and Stafford a little awkward at certain pivotal moments in the plot , seeing their relationship reach new heights and being tested throughout the plot, made this book stand out above all others, in my opinion. Usually, the main couple in the second book are faced with the largest dilemma that prevent them from hooking up, but it is obvious that this is just the beginning to the long, treacherous road that our heroes will have to face.

I can't stop singing praises on how much this book amazed me. My expectations were exceeded in this book in terms of pacing, writing and execution. There were some points that I wished that certain events or people would have had a larger role in the Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise, but I can understand why their parts were minimal. The second book of the Oracle of Delphi series is the start of a ridiculously dark road that our heroes are just starting to face. Not to mention, the ending was perfect, causing me to need to hyperventilate, waiting for the next installment of these amazing Greek mythology retellings.

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