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The Forever Girl: Forever Girl Series, Volume One: Sophia's Journey (Volume 1)

The Forever Girl (The Forever Girl #1) - Rebecca  Hamilton Check this review out on our blog!

4 Stars


This book could of had a better rating , but the reason why this book has 4 stars is because of its complexity of paranormal beings. There are just too many that are mentioned, so I don't know which is which, and if I want to understand it better (which I do) then I have to flip through the book to find the spot (or spots) where the different paranormal beings are mentioned, and that can get quite annoying. The other reason why I rated this a 4 star was because of the romance, not that I didn't love Charles, but the romance in general. It was just so typical, and their kind of relationship has definitely been done before. I give credit to Hamilton that it is hard to come up with new love scenarios, but it is pretty much the same old thing.

Saying that, I did love the moments between Charles and Sophia. There was just so much romantic tension, and if you like that kind of stuff (the passion builds from moment to moment), then this book is for you. I also love Charles, who is extremely good looking and funny, making me laugh out loud with some of the comments he makes. Sophia is likable, being her small town's outcast and source of most of the gossip. Not only that, but she has to deal with this crazy woman trying to make her leave town and the voices inside her head. You just have to feel bad for her. The insecurities she feels, and the inability to completely trust someone (from past experiences) is very real.

The book's pacing is alright the first two thirds of the book, but after that it really picks up. That is when Sophia discovers many new revelations about herself and her ancestor's history. The last third of the book was, in my opinion, the most enjoyable. This was where The Forever Girl: Sophia's Journey, really differs itself from other paranormal books and makes itself unique. The writing was quite spectacular. It flows smoothly, and the best part of it is her descriptions of things. You will understand this once you finish the book, but The Forever Girl: Sophia's Journey is a suitable name for the book. I recommend this to anyone who likes paranormal romance, but make sure to keep track of which creature is what.

~M @ YA Novelties