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We're just four ordinary teenagers, Angie, Jenny, Rosie, and ~M, that have have nothing better to do than read.

Hello Fellow BookLikers!

So hey guys! If you've seen our bio, we're just 4 gals with a passion for reading! Hope you enjoy our rantings 'n' ramblings about who knows what. We are quite new at booklikes, and are very thankful that Kate graciously invited us here to a new world of book lovers! The gals here at YAN are looking forward to having a great time here at booklikes! We apologize if we don't update daily, but we'll be sure to update reviews from our blog at least a few times a week. Here we go!






Oh, now that's a great question. This is where we'll ramble (whoops) talk a little bit more about ourselves....

But before that....

Thanks to all that have been in any part of our experience with writing reviews/blogging. Thanks to all the viewers and commenters and seeking authors that come to our blog! All of this has been a learning experience, and we definitely hope to learn more along the way.  No comment/email/question/request will be left unaccounted for!  So don't be afraid to just say hi, or give a suggestion as to what we should read or review next. We LOVE feedback!          


"The Chatterbox"
Hi world! My name is Jenny...LOL, obviously. With this blog I hope to share my favorite books with you guys and tell you which books I liked best. The main genres I read are fiction, contemporary, and dystopian, but my favorite genre is contemporary-fiction. I hope you enjoy our blog; I know we'll have so much fun blogging :)

 "The Speed Reader"
Too many books out in the world equals the need to read as many as possible. There's no telling for what happens to tomorrow. Anyway, because there are so many people out in the ether for us to meet and greet, finishing a book ASAP is imperative. Perhaps you'll be one of them. All I wish for is for you, the reader, to find and appreciate our blog. If worst comes to worst, the giveaways will definitely lure you here. Maybe our ranting reviews on the latest books will bring you hither. Let us wait and see...
"The Techie"
Hey guys! Creating YAN, has definitely been an experience, with all the tears, agony, pain, lots of accidental deleting and, yes, swearing. I hope to make this blog so awesome that you'll be itching to visit this blog every single day!! I'll always be updating, rearranging, and fixing our blog so that it suits you well, so don't be afraid to leave a suggestion! Well, I'm sure I can speak for all of us when I say that I hope that you'll take all our complaining and rambling to heart. Happy Reading!


"The Mysterious" 

If I was stranded on a desert island and was only able to have one thing, I would take a book. Although I don't know which book (because I have so many favorites), I would definitely choose a book. I absolutely love reading, which is why I am doing this blog. Besides reading, my hobbies are acting, singing, and swimming. I hope that everyone likes our blog and visits again soon! 

 Guest Appearances
"Dun dun dun....."

From time to time, we'll have some guest reviewers come onto our blog to give some of their opinions of a book, or just to say hello! Some of our reoccurring guest reviewers are Maya, Mary, and, yes, another Jenny! But we'll call her Agent JW just so you guys won't confuse her with the usual Jenny. (Because that's totally how you're supposed to refer to someone.)

Whelp, that's all for now, folks. Stay tuned, as more juicy tid-bits will be revealed!!!
(Probably not.) 
Just kidding, we'll get to it. 
Pinky promise.
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